Are you a writer?

You might have noticed that I refer to myself as a writer in my “about me” post. I have never really published anything, apart from a poem, years back, and little pieces in school articles and such. So, how is it I can say that I am a writer? I believe, that being a writer, means loving to write.

It means you define yourself as someone who loves to write.

You have ideas, and scribbles, and brainstorms in your sleep. At least, I do. I love to write, and I have loved it for as long as I have known how. I have a ton of unfinished projects, ideas, and notes, plus this blog. That alone tells me that I am a writer. All it takes now is to finish a product to share with the world, and then you will become an acknowledged author by the world. If you publish or not, I want to urge you to keep writing, because it is not a matter of accomplishments. Not really. It is about doing something that makes you feel, whatever it is you feel when you write.

Allow yourself to write without inhibitions or bounds. This is when your mind is free to explore, and good things happen.

Maybe you´ll toss away 90% of what you have written, but are left with 10% of something you can keep building on?
It is not about the product, but the process – Take a look at the quote from Yann Martel under “Inspirational updates”.




So, are YOU a writer? That is for you to decide!

Write on peeps!



About linntesli

I am a Norwegian writer, author of the Reborn series, and a social worker. I love to write, and it has been a passion of mine ever since I knew how to put pen to paper. I hope my love of magic and make-believe will touch the spirit of others out there, who share my passion for fantasy, or just the need to read :)
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