Being a dedicated writer – it´s hard work!

I want to be able to say, I am an author, I am a writer, and there are people out there who are reading what I have written. To do this, requires a whole amount of time, stamina, patience and humility. It takes time, a lot of time, time in which you might have made money somewhere else, time spent with your spouse, time you could’ve gone for a walk
– you want that time to account for something? I know I do! 


“if you´re gonna dream, why not dream BIG?” This picture is the property of © Linn Horn Stokke

As I´ve said, writing, to me is therapeutic, which means my time is already well spent. But, I would; however, feel much more accomplished if I wasn´t the only one out there who knew me as an author. I am a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a girlfriend, a social worker, a film buff, now a blogger – all these things define me, and someone out there sees me as one or more of these things; as do I.

I want to be able to make a living with the written word, and I think that´s when other people finally acknowledges you for a professional author. At the same time, I know I shouldn’t need other peoples’ approval to what I already know in my heart.
Still, when people ask, what is it you do, and you answer, “I´m an author,” the first question is always going to be. “Oh, what have you published?” It would be nice to have at least that one publication to tell about…

Me, for instance, can reply; “Oh, I had a couple of poems published years back over in the states.” (Mind you, I don’t even remember the book they were published in, or what I wrote, because I was only in my late teens at the time.)
– It´s not exactly the kind of stuff that really inspires people to believe your an actual author.
I guess, I could say; I have a blog (- which is really cool once you have hundreds or thousands of followers…)

But – you´ve got to start somewhere! And if you´re gonna dream, why not dream BIG?

I AM a writer, because I LOVE to write! -I write, therefore I am!

I read, I research, I dream – and then I write some more. Sometimes I simply need the reminder, and the pick-me-up, which is why when someone has read my work tells me something like, “wow, I cried!” I feel like I have accomplished something huge. I have reached someone, and someone has been affected by what I have done. – If only that one person.
I don’t think there are a lot of writers out there who doesn’t want people to enjoy reading their work. It is as much for our own sake, as for the chance to mentally touch another person, anywhere in the world, however we can, through our written words.

But it takes work, dedication, passion and a burning desire to push through and become successful. It´s not like you can expect to become the mother of Harry Potter. At least not over night. Most authors don’t earn that much, but if only it was enough to put food on the table and a roof over our heads, we´d be just fine; able to reach people everywhere 😉

– Dream BIG peeps!


About linntesli

I am a Norwegian writer, author of the Reborn series, and a social worker. I love to write, and it has been a passion of mine ever since I knew how to put pen to paper. I hope my love of magic and make-believe will touch the spirit of others out there, who share my passion for fantasy, or just the need to read :)
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