My head is packed with ideas and I am finally on a roll with my freelance journalism writing. I recently wrote an article for a self-help section. It was a bit of a struggle to get to the point of an actual sale. I did all the research and finished the article completely before I sent it off to get my very first rejection. The magazine I sent it to didn’t accept that kind of articles because they had people on staff who wrote those sorts of topics.

At least it was comforting to know that it wasn’t the article in itself that they didn’t like, though whenever you’re rejected it always feels like a little punch to your stomach. I know, I for one, will question myself. However, I am not one to quit. I felt confident that I had written something worth printing and so I stubbornly sent it off again. After an agonizing wait I finally received a positive answer. They liked my article and they wanted to print it 🙂 Happy me!


My faith was restored and I was once again fueled with inspiration to keep working. I believe I can do this. There is only one thing stopping me; me! I am now working on another few articles, have one article on order, and one I am rewriting as a request from a magazine. These are very different magazines and it feels great to know that I am not restricted to one genre, or one type of magazine. I’m starting to believe that it might just be possible to make a living off of something I am truly passionate about – writing! I keep filling in the blank pages with black letters, and I am increasingly hopeful.
I will post the articles on here, but I can’t do that until after they have come out on print (plus they are in Norwegian), and many of these magazines are months ahead of planning. But, I will let you know what titles I am working on, what I have to scrap and what I am actually getting to print.

Also, writing this on here gives me incentive to keep at it. I have to do this now I’ve said it 🙂

Write on peeps! You CAN!


About linntesli

I am a Norwegian writer, author of the Reborn series, and a social worker. I love to write, and it has been a passion of mine ever since I knew how to put pen to paper. I hope my love of magic and make-believe will touch the spirit of others out there, who share my passion for fantasy, or just the need to read :)
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3 Responses to Sold

  1. risinghawk says:

    Congratulations! The first of many more 🙂


  2. Great news! Thanks for following me on Cold, too 🙂


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