30 – a milestone?

Age is just a number, right? Or is it?

Right, so tomorrow I’m leaving the glorious 2os to enter the, oh so dreaded, 30’s… yet, I’m not dreading it as much as I thought I’d might.

I’m left reminiscing about everything I have experienced and the bad stuff always seem to float to the surface when one speaks about the past. However, I intend to do my best to dig out the joyful moments.
The moments when I’ve felt happy. Those are the ones worth reminiscing about!


Me 🙂 Still, 29!

Lots of things are happening at the moment, good and bad, but I’m somehow really looking forward to get cracking on my 30’s. – perhaps I’ll finally feel like an actual adult? I’m hoping that my 30’s will prove to be a crazy adventurous chapter in my life, and hopefully one less complicated than the 3 decades that has just transpired.

Age is wisdom, I think, but it all depends on what you take along with you. Learning from your mistakes and keeping your eyes front is a life lesson I was taught early. Don’t dwell on the bad stuff – and it really is true that life is in the small moments of happiness. What is joy, really? We all seem to want to experience it so badly, but do we forget to take notice when it’s there?

– It’s in every day life.

– Joy is when your child says their first words or when they finally say ‘I love you’ back.
– Joy is when you hold your partners hand, or that first paycheck and every paycheck after that.
– Joy is when someones calls you just to say ‘hi, how are you?’  And when they listen to you, without reservation or judgment.
– Joy is feeling the wind in your hair, skinny dipping on a warm summer’s night, or feeling the grass between your toes.
– Joy is accomplishing your goals, however big or small they might be.

– Joy is celebrating your birthday – any birthday! Knowing another year has passed…

And so, I feel joyful for turning 30 years young. It feels good! And I look forward to celebrating it with those close to me! Those are moments I will take with me. The bad stuff is tucked away at the back of my mind and I only unwrap it, just a little, when I need to remember what it is I learned from it, and when I need to remember that it is all in the past!

IMG_0260 kopi

My kid… what’s more joyful than him? In my eyes, nothing!

Come on 30’s – Bring it ON!!!


About linntesli

I am a Norwegian writer, author of the Reborn series, and a social worker. I love to write, and it has been a passion of mine ever since I knew how to put pen to paper. I hope my love of magic and make-believe will touch the spirit of others out there, who share my passion for fantasy, or just the need to read :)
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